Conquer The World Of Pain With
12 Muscle Matrix  
I Did It. And So Can You.
Detect and unleash 12 muscle levers in seemingly unrelated parts of the body that stops pain dead in its tracks.  Solutions & speed of results are in other parts of the body you aren't looking in. 
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The Triumph & Treasure
Help patients  triumph over their pain & get the treasure of returning to normal again
Streamline Results.
Amplify awesomeness by knowing  just 12 muscle levers that when pressed, at specific points, shuts off pain 
Challenge Status Quo.
Beware of the danger created by those who rarely, if ever,  look for solutions far away from an injured area for relief.
"Overcome the notion you must be regular. It robs you from being extraordinary."
~ Uta Hagen ~
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Low Back Pain
Neck & Shoulder
Low Back  Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Low Back Pain
12 Muscle Matrix Approach To Manual Therapy
Detect & Unleash Muscle Levers That Shut Off Pain In Unrelated Areas
When you can see & unlock the 12 muscle matrixes  in seemingly unrelated parts of the body... you will be able to stop pain dead in its tracks.   
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"Seminar approved for Physical & Occupational Therapists & Assistants, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers & Massage Therapists"
2022 Seminars
Sat & Sun
9 am - 6 pm 
  • November -  TBA
  • We are looking for practices to host a course with us.  If you have interest please email us at  Your location must have at least 10 treatment tables and have enough room for 20 attendees.  
12 Muscle matrix
Regular Price $995
  • 16 credit hours
  • Simple To Follow Charts - makes it incredibly easy to find the right switch To Turn Off Pain
  • On-Going Support from instructor via Text
Hi, I'm Gordon Wallis
Hi,   I’m Gordon Wallis. I've been a massage therapist for over 33 years. Ten years in a chiropractic clinic, 21 years in a spa, and 2 years alongside medical doctors in a pain management clinic. During that time I discovered and developed a set of hands-on procedures that often times eliminates myofascial trigger point pain immediately. As fast and easy as flipping a light switch.

These procedures are based on ancient knowledge that’s over two thousand years old and are truly phenomenal in efficiency and effectiveness. The 12 Muscle Matrix is fun and easy to learn.  

“When one understands the principles of the 12 joints, a sage will never surpass him.”   Nei jing Su Wen, Chapter 25 
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